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    Roy's New PH14 Phono Preamp!!!


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    Roy's New PH14 Phono Preamp!!!  Empty Roy's New PH14 Phono Preamp!!!

    Post by TMadden on Sun Jan 08, 2012 12:53 am

    Wow guys if you love your vinyl you have got to hear this thing! It's one of Roy's newest products (, and it's very, very impressive! I soldered mine up this morning and installed it in my SP9 preamp. Roy supplies it with it's own dedicated regulated power supply, but I was anxious to hear it, so I powered it from the SP9's supply thru a L-C-R-C filter, works perfect, zero hum! Probably pushing the limits on the SP9's supply, but she's hangin' in there! The second I fired it up I was awestruck! First thing I noticed was the punch, the drive, the dynamics! It was like I had some sort of dynamic range expander in the system, snare drums just "thwack", horn instuments jump out at you, everything is more dynamic and alive. Bass is super defined, strong, low and clean, the mids are sublime, the highs are sweet and easy to listen to, crank it up, no listener fatigue here! When I cued up Alan Parson's I Robot, the first thing that came to mind was, this sounds alot like a master tape! (Ive been lucky enough to hear high speed master tape playback, it doesn't get any better). I have done quite a bit of research on phono preamp stages lately, and I can tell you why this thing sounds so good... You will find basically the same circuit topology in a few very high-end preamps, they cost from $3000 up to over $7000, and are pretty much the state of the art. So we are getting ALOT of value for our money with the PH14! It also has the gain available to accomodate MC cartidges, might be time to make the leap! Going to have to try the PH14 with Roy's SP12 or 14 linestage, they are also state of the art designs, should be a world class combo! I love to get all the performance I can for my money, that's what drew me to Bob and Roy's products, screw the snob appeal, give me the music! Tubes used in the PH14 were Mullard 6DJ8 up front, followed by a JAN/PHILIPS ECG 6922, and a RCA 12AU7 clear top. Telefunkens in the SP9's line stage. Sonic Bliss!

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