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    Roy's new SP14 and PH14

    Mike G.

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    Roy's new SP14 and PH14

    Post by Mike G. on Wed Feb 15, 2012 4:49 pm

    I sure am interested in Roy's new SP14 preamp. He just recently build for me a SP12 with the PH14 Phono. I've read most of the information from Roy and members of this forum. I only wish that the phono section could be the SP12. What is the tube configuration with the phono section? Also, how much different is it than the PH12. And how about cost? I have a few more questions for Roy and I plan to write him. Also, if any readers know more about this new preamp I would appreciate hearing from you

    .The best in the world for Roy and I thank Bob for his continuous help and information to this forum. You're doing a fantastic job!!!

    Kind regards...Mike G.

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    Re: Roy's new SP14 and PH14

    Post by tubes4hifi on Thu Feb 16, 2012 12:48 pm

    Hi Mike,
    thanks for the kind words. There is not a huge difference between the PH12 and PH14 phono preamps,
    except the PH14 has an extra tube (12AU7) buffered output and the EQ has been perfectly optimized, and it has it's own dedicated power supply.
    (The PH12 EQ is +/- 0.5db from 10Hz to 40KHz, assuming it has a 50K load, which it does when mated with an SP12)
    (The PH14 EQ is +/- 0.1db from 10Hz to 40KHz, the buffered output means there is no load on the EQ section)
    This makes it a better choice for someone that already has a great line stage preamp but wants a better phono preamp.
    T Madden has a post on somewhere on this forum about his experience with the PH14 and PH12.
    it's here

    I'm currently building two of my latest PH15 phono preamps (someone always wants something better!!) this is the same circuit but with a totally new circuit board layout design, with no worries about size (it's more than twice as large as the PH14 and 4X as large as the PH12) and uses ONLY premium grade components, $70 worth of capacitors upgrades and $20 to $70 worth of resistor upgrades ($4 each piece Caddock) for those customers that want ONLY the very best.

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