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    2012, or 1962....



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    2012, or 1962....

    Post by Feistygoat on Sat Feb 25, 2012 1:48 pm

    this is my tribute to what the ritual of music enjoyment is all about - dusting off records, turning lotsa knobs, and a thick, heavy wooden cabinet to house it all.

    the amp is a Van Alstine modded ST-70, telefunken tubes, amperex 6GH8A's on the driver board, and a super find with the WIMA black box driver board caps that i found overseas. Preamp is a PAS 3X with all new hi end mica caps, telefunken ribbed plate 12AX7's and an amperex bugle boy 12X4 keeps it all rectified...I changed the power supplies to hospital grade cryo treated and insulated grounded outlets and lines. running the amp through a voltage bucking super soft start system which is connected to a monstercable green power active noise filtering surge protector. The FM-3 is as stock as they come, but if you guys have seen that guy "Denny"'s mods here on the forum, - thats what im gunnin for, turntable is a Marantz 6300 fully recapped with mica caps and a grado green cartridge. finally, sound is delivered through a set of Bowers and Wilkins DM 640's with the van alstine crossover mod, which totally balanced out the bass issues. tributaries RCA jacks complete all connections. Guys, im wriring all this because i want to thank you all for your help, input and inspiration, from all you dedicated audiophiles. enjoy your tunes folks.

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