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    PAS-3X with SS electronic crossover?


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    PAS-3X with SS electronic crossover?

    Post by Stevedel on Sun Sep 16, 2012 11:24 am

    Greetings, Dynafolks.

    I have finished building a ST-35 and a MK-IV. I have most of the components for a second ST-35. I am looking for a PAS-3X to use with a DBX 223XL, electronic crossover, in a bi-amped setup. The MK-IV will handle the below 100HZ stuff and the ST-35 will cover the 100HZ and up. This works very well with a SS preamp. Separating the below 100HZ really cleans up the lower mids. The second ST-35 will allow for a tri-amped setup with a stereo 3-channel crossover.

    What kind of impedance problems can I expect with a PAS-3X? the input impedance of a DBX active crossover is 25K ohms in unbalanced operation. The tube pre-amps are designed to operate into at least 100K ohms, mostly more.

    Things that I don't know, greatly outnumber things that I do.

    Thanks all.


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    Re: PAS-3X with SS electronic crossover?

    Post by GP49 on Mon Sep 17, 2012 12:10 am

    The output stage of the PAS-3x can operate into a 25KΩ load if BOTH the resistors from the output to ground are removed: 62KΩ and 510KΩ. It can not go any lower without losing bass.

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