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    Mark III & JJ KT88 BLUE GLASS, a good matching for me


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    Mark III & JJ KT88 BLUE GLASS, a good matching for me

    Post by Tiziano73 on Tue Jan 22, 2013 3:51 am

    Hi to everybody

    I want post a positive feedback about my new buy, a matched quad of JJ KT88 BLUE GLASS.
    I live in Italy and I tried them on a restored stock pair of Dynakit Mark III. New P-782 power transformers for 230V (follows the original Dynakit design and specifications). Cleaned original driver boards, checked and changed out tolerance resistors with Allen Bradley carbon resistors, checked coupling caps for matching capacitance and insulating resistance. Checked feedback capacitance for matching. Cleaned chassis so perfect ground contact, No hum, hiss or noise. In short like exited from the Dynaco service.

    My system is NorthStar DAC 24/192, restored stock PAS-3X (Telefunken) and Spendor LS3/5a placed in a 11-12mq room.
    I compared the tubes with a matched quad of 6550 made in PRC (those that I used previously).

    Really the system have completely satisfy my self. After 4 days of power on i listened the results.
    The sound stage was more clear and better positioned and the vocals have a more sharp contour but the big step forward between the JJ and the other tubes (compatibly with the abilities of my loudspeakers), is the management of low frequency responce. They make really better. So a good upgrade for me this JJ tubes.

    In conclusion i would want to spend two words for matching between my Spendor LS3/5a and MKIII. I compared the matching with the other my amplifier Stereo 70. I think that the matching with the Mark III is better into allover parameters, more power, better dynamic, etc, sure for the reason well exposed by xaudiomanx.

    Mark III & JJ KT88 BLUE GLASS, a good matching for me.


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