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    SP14 and PH15 Parts Have Arrived...



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    SP14 and PH15 Parts Have Arrived...

    Post by xlr8 on Mon Feb 04, 2013 8:56 am

    Hello everyone. I wanted to let everyone know that my SP14 and PH15 kits have arrived and I'm ready to get the ball rolling. Actualy, the ball has been rolling since about 6:30pm this past friday when the Fed-Ex truck pulled away. I began with the SP14 this past Saturday morning. I went ahead and populated the chassis and then went to work on the board. I completed it last night. The volume control and small transformer are the only 2 pieces I need to complete this and should arrive any day now.

    Note: I am NOT one of these guys who can draw a schematic for a particular tube on a napkin while sitting at the bar having a beer. I'm getting there, but not quite there yet. Embarassed I have completed most of the SP14 build in under 8 hours. If I get hung up waiting for the rest of the stuff, I'll go ahead and begin (and probably complete) the PH15 in the meantime. I was warned that Roy does not provide detailed instructions for these kits, but he does provide detailed schematics. If you can read a schematic, you're fine. Cool If you're like me, you'll lay out all of the parts, install the ones you are familiar with and figure the rest out from there. If you have any sort of electrical or RF background, you should be good. If not, then you are one of the guys who should just let Roy build it from the get go! Rolling Eyes

    BTW, I'm using an old Radio Shack soldering iron from the late '60's to do all of this. Yes, I did just want to rub it in!!! afro


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    Re: SP14 and PH15 Parts Have Arrived...

    Post by Avinunca on Tue Feb 05, 2013 10:38 am

    Great stuff. I built the PH15 first and I'm very happy with it. I biased the first valve grids with PP3 batteries from a post I found on here. I think it improved it further. It's fine now with Hashimoto HM-3 step up trannies. Currently constructing the SP14 and I will be using a set of 12SN7s which are hopefully on their way from the US. They are a lot cheaper than 6SN7s. I was going to work out the voltage setting resistors but Roy beat me to it in his rapid reply to another question. I think almost every time a bit of thought brings the answer to any questions that arise with VTA kits. Good luck with the build.

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