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    Question for Roy about preamp I purchased



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    Question for Roy about preamp I purchased

    Post by Sprags on Thu Mar 21, 2013 9:01 pm

    I'm the guy that got the special preamp from you that Troy shipped to me.i haven't opened it....yet, and since I haven't gotten my ST-120 yet have tried it out yet. Do you have photos of the innards look like? I'm just curious because I'm hoping to some day work up the nerve to try assembling an ST-70 amp and preamp (not sure which one but was thinking about one with a phono section and tone controls) kit myself. I'd just like to see the complexity.

    I have no electronics experience but I'm hoping after trying out Bob's ST-70 kit and reading and studying the Valve Amplifier book I may be able to assemble one of your preamp kits myself.


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