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    tubes; by-pass caps



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    tubes; by-pass caps

    Post by bongoman on Sun Apr 07, 2013 12:01 pm

    Hi Guys; Do we have to make any changes in order to swap out the 12au7's on the VTA ST 70 board to 12bh7's? And is that a good change? Also I'm swapping between the el 34's winged c's and the EH 6ca7's trying to decide if I like one over the other. How long is the break-in time for new tubes or is there any? What about the rec tube? Any advantage to a particular brand?
    I wanted to ask about by-passing the coupling caps. I know to sit on the stock set-up for a while to acclimate; then try something new. Now; I read an old article in Audioexpress that claims you need to carefully match the small bypass caps to the coupling caps in regards to ESR and other parameters. Is that correct?
    BTW; the VTA board and PS quad cap and big PT makes a nnice sounding amp; real smooth; clean; detailed; balanced and musical. Glad I did it. Next stop; pre-amp junction.

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