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    TCLA Success and one small disaster



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    TCLA Success and one small disaster

    Post by charlief64 on Sun Apr 28, 2013 1:00 pm

    I was beginning to think that I had lost my ability to wire a simple circuit. I had bugged poor Roy to death about wiring diagrams for the PAS line amp upgrade and was about to give up. Then yesterday I was looking at the tone control board with my 3x specs and noticed something that looked like the tops of letters under the wiring harness screw connector. WOAH !!! A very slight pry and all mysteries were solved. Clear letters that show you where the wires go on the circuit board. I fired up the old soldering iron and in an hour was listening to music again. Wonderful, detailed, silky, smooth music.

    I was quickly (too quickly) reattaching the front panel and knobs when the big new machined aluminum volume control knob slipped and (I swear in slow motion) fell dead center on the top of the right front Gold Lion KT66. What a show. White smoke, sparks, pungent odors, interesting sounds from the speakers and visions of dollar signs floating away.

    Oh well. I needed 4 new 12ax7s for the board. What's one more tube. Oh yeah, I remember. It's another 50 bucks ! Cest La Vie.

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