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    Dynaco SCA-35 Phono Sensitivity


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    Dynaco SCA-35 Phono Sensitivity Empty Dynaco SCA-35 Phono Sensitivity

    Post by denny9167 on Fri Jun 21, 2013 10:19 pm

    Just recently finished the SCA-35 re-build,I completely removed the switches and tone controls,and installed an L-pad network at the line level input,to compensate for the increased gain,but I'm beginning to think I need one for the phono output as well. I got my new Pro-ject turntable today, and was noticing that the input to the preamp was really hot(too much gain). The SCA-35 specs at 1V input,but this is with the tone controls in place. Wouldn't that place sensitivity at 500mV or less,without the controls?

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