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    Finished my SP14 Woody



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    Finished my SP14 Woody

    Post by TorontoDave on Mon Jul 29, 2013 9:49 am

    After 4 months of delays (entirely on my side - lots of business travel). I finished my SP14 Woody build. I initially had an issue with a missing right channel but was able to track it down to a snapped lead on one of my Resistors on the right channel. After I repaired the lead my right channel came thru beautifully.

    Some thoughts:
    1) If you are building a "Woody" type enclosure, Walnut wood is TOUGH - especially 1.5" of it. Consider using a Dremel saw to cut it (I bought one specifically for this project). A hand held dremel/saw won't cut it (excuse the pun).
    2) Wiring - given the tight working conditions wire the relay board BEFORE you attach it to the back panel.
    3) After plugging it in - give it a full minute to warm up - it takes a little time to start up - which can be scary when your starting it up the first time.
    4) Remember to plan your air flow, because of the way I cut the back panel to accommodate input/outputs - I have plenty of air flow.

    I'll post some pics as soon as I can - I'm travelling so it will be the end of the week.


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    Re: Finished my SP14 Woody

    Post by sKiZo on Mon Jul 29, 2013 2:36 pm

    Well ... you came THAT close to having one of those "this thread is worthless without pics" things in your face. tongue 

    Can't wait to see it ... but four months? I thought I was slow, eh.

    Wood selection can make a big difference in how a project goes, but ... it also makes a big difference in the end product. I've got a new favorite wood you may want to consider for your next project (oh, yes ... you're hooked ... there WILL be a next project). African Mokare ... it has the look of walnut, or a deep cherry, but a real consistent tight grain and works real easy. I saw a board halfway across the woody wonderland (WoodCraft, a couple towns over from me) and just had to have it.

    So, like ... [tap tap tap] ... where's those pics ... we're waiting!

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