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    Cryogenically treated tubes


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    Cryogenically treated tubes Empty Cryogenically treated tubes

    Post by ramon68 on Wed Jan 15, 2014 6:26 pm

    Anybody on the forum tried cryogenically treated tubes? If so, what do you think? Just read the blurb on cryogenic tubes
    on Upscale Audio's website and I am very curious.

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    Cryogenically treated tubes Empty Re: Cryogenically treated tubes

    Post by sKiZo on Wed Jan 15, 2014 7:23 pm

    Haven't tried them myself, but the science makes sense. Relieve alignment stress on all the internal components, and less chance of going open or failing?

    Then again, I'd expect standard hot/cold cycles to do the same. I figure it's like a light bulb ... if they don't fail immediately, they should last a while ...

    There's also a bunch of ways of doing it apparently, and anyone who offers the service poo poo's any of them but their own ... making the most important question ... "which one's right?"

    Something also worth mentioning - cryogenic treatment isn't a new thing, and you'd have expected the military to require it for their tubes - if it actually made a whole bunch of difference.

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    Cryogenically treated tubes Empty Re: Cryogenically treated tubes

    Post by PeterCapo on Wed Jan 15, 2014 8:15 pm

    I have a pair of JJ 12DW7 for my Stereo 35 that originally didn't sound good. Then, I sent them for cryo treatment and it made a big improvement. But, this might not be the case all the time with all tubes. If you have a set of tubes that sound good to you, you might consider just leaving them alone. I am planning on having some more tubes cryo treated, but only ones I am not that crazy about to begin with. Then again, there's nothing wrong with experimenting with cryo treating any tubes, but I’d think twice before cryo’ing any original American-made tubes.

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    Cryogenically treated tubes Empty Re: Cryogenically treated tubes

    Post by ArlanB on Thu Jan 16, 2014 2:07 am

    I tried a quad of cryoed Elektroharmonics KT88's about 4 years ago, they sounded OK, however I do not feel that they were anything special.  They lasted about 9 months before the dread internal light show took one out. Although nine months was enough time for break in to take place there was no noticeable improvement.  I still have the other three but have never used them again.  I don't feel that there was much of an advantage with the cryo treatment.   I ended my search with Penta Labs KT88SC's, and they are what I presently use.



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    Cryogenically treated tubes Empty Re: Cryogenically treated tubes

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