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    Hello, I just joined the forum...



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    Hello, I just joined the forum...

    Post by GlacierJohn on Thu Apr 17, 2014 5:11 pm

    Hello, great forum and resource for us old Dynaco guys. A little background; I'm just getting back into two channel hi-fi after about a decade of generic home entertainment blaa listening. I'm 64 years old and started off in the mid 70s with a nice Dynaco system. I had a Dual 701 turntable running into a Pat 5 pre amp, ST 400 power amp into JBL L-65 Jubals. I still have the Jubals and listen to them daily, but the wonderful Stereo 400 died a long time ago.

    In the mid 80s I got into tubes, for a while I had a Conrad Johnson MV 75 power amp and CJ PV-2 preamp. Believe it or not I traded the CJ MV-75 straight across for a mint pair of Dynaco MK IIIs around 1989. Not the best financial decision I ever made, but the MK IIIs sounded so much better I did the trade. I still have the CJ preamp, but I like my Van Alstine Super Pas 3 better. I also have a McIntosh MC225 that I like a lot. Anyway over the years I had various Dynaco amps, one of the best sounding weirdly was a SCA 80 transistor amp I picked up for $25.00 in a swap meet. It was super dirty, the wiring looked horrible, but after I cleaned it up, the sound blew my high price Luxman integrated amp away. We even took it down to my local high end hi-fi store and we all thought it sounded better than the Nakamichi separates they had. For speakers I had some power hungry, but magical sounding Martin Logan CLS's, B&W 330s, my Jubals and a pair of mid 80 B&W DM 2000s I still own. I also had, have a Hafler DH220 with Musical Concepts mod, Yamaha CR 2020 receiver, various turntables, CD players, cassette decks and so forth. Then little by little through the 90s I put these components up on a shelf in the closet as they died one by one, until I was left with the 7.1 AV receiver, big screen TV and built in the wall speakers.

    Now I'm getting back into it. My Yamaha CR 2020 was working perfectly so I started with that, then got my Sonographe turntable and Kyocera CD player hooked up to the JBLs and B&Ws, what fun. Next up was a checkout of the MC225 and Super Pas 3, got them going, wonderful tube bliss. Then after some time getting up the nerve I ordered the SDS cap kits from Triode electronics, and with Chad,s help rebuilt my MK III,s. I have a bias issue to work out with one amp, but I'm sure they'll be great too. I plan on having two side by side systems; 1) the Sonographe - CJ PV2 - Mk III's into the B&W DM 2000s. 2) the Kyocera CD player - Super Pas 3 - MC225 into the Jubals.

    Anyway, that's my life story, I'm going to post a question regarding my runaway bias on another thread.


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    Re: Hello, I just joined the forum...

    Post by daveshel on Thu Apr 17, 2014 5:28 pm

    Welcome, John. I built an SCA-80 when I was in high school and last time I got it out it still sounded good, just not as good as my Van Alstine Super Pas Three with my newly rebuilt Dynaco ST-35.

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    Re: Hello, I just joined the forum...

    Post by deepee99 on Sat Apr 19, 2014 1:31 pm

    daveshel wrote:Welcome, John. I built an SCA-80 when I was in high school and last time I got it out it still sounded good, just not as good as my  Van Alstine Super Pas Three with my newly rebuilt Dynaco ST-35.

    Yes, Welcome, John. Many of us old geezers on this board cut our teeth on Knight, Heath, and Dyna Kits. My first serious build was an Allied Radio Star-Roamer, four tubes, then a Heathkit AR-15, then the SCA-80, then Hafler's first preamp and power amp (solid state), then VTA's M-125s about 40 years later. We're happy to answer any and all questions, and if we don't actually know the answers, we'll make up a good enough one to keep your Fluke busy for a rainy day.

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    Re: Hello, I just joined the forum...

    Post by pmarcin on Sat Apr 19, 2014 8:38 pm

    Welcome, John. Dave, y'er given me deja vu. I started with Knight's, then did the  AR-15, followed by the AA-29, switching the mylars for polypropylene.Next, the Dynaco PAT-4 and ST-120. Then a thirty year lapse.


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    Re: Hello, I just joined the forum...

    Post by zx on Sun Apr 20, 2014 7:49 am

    The cj 2ar......preamp one of the best tube sounds i have ever had....... with my Acoustat Xs
    an then the Acoustat 1+1s the M4... then my B&W 801s 802s... the my SoundLabs An my MartenLogans ......any amp tube are sand....sweeeeet sound
    now i have a hhscott 355.....close but.....time ....all things must pass

    I have 6ea MK3s here an some other tube amps......the MK3 still rock.....

    Long live Acoustats.............

    thanks for the site Bob...............

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    Re: Hello, I just joined the forum...

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