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    Runaway Bias Voltage Kit MK III



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    Re: Runaway Bias Voltage Kit MK III

    Post by nhurl1 on Sun Jun 29, 2014 2:46 am

    Well, the fact that the first amp with the second amps driver board having a runaway bias (again) indicates to me that there could be a problem with both the amp and the driver board, but I don't know, because the second amp isn't working at all...

    Besides that, I'm in too much of a bad mood to even attempt any diagnostic repairs.
    Bob Latino

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    Re: Runaway Bias Voltage Kit MK III

    Post by Bob Latino on Sun Jun 29, 2014 8:52 am

    nhurl1 wrote:

    I don't think the forum is letting me post photo's as my account is less than a week old...

    Hi Nick,

    Either the web address is wrong for the photos that you posted OR your Photobucket account is set for private. If I go to the web address that you listed for the photo you tried to post >   I get an error message. Check the Photobucket web address for that photo and make sure that your Photobucket account is not set for "private".

    If you can get a few photos up here for your amps, it is possible that one of us may be able to find an issue in your wiring that could cause the problem.


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    Re: Runaway Bias Voltage Kit MK III

    Post by Sal on Wed Jul 02, 2014 9:04 am

    Either send Kevin @ pictures or you can send them to me at, Kevin or I will post them here so we can try to figure what is wrong with your amp.


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    Re: Runaway Bias Voltage Kit MK III

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