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    Acoustical Foam

    Gregg R.
    Gregg R.

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    Acoustical Foam Empty Acoustical Foam

    Post by Gregg R. on Sun Jun 29, 2014 3:46 am

    A few months ago, our Moderator posted a link to the Foam Factory ( in Macomb, MI. concerning acoustical room treatment.

    Recently, I ordered 24 12"x12" pcs. of the 3in. wedge foam and 24 of the 2in. foam. Total cost was $75.96. You get free shipping with a $75 order!

    I put some of  the 3in. pcs. behind the sweet spot and some of the 2in. on the ceiling. Unused squares were stacked on the floor around my small 11x13 listening room. I had installed other treatments, mainly discarded carpet samples and remnants from a local Sears. I used pushpins to attach the foam.

    The results were better than expected: Splashy highs were tamed, the bass was punchier and cleaner, and the midrange was smoother(esp. vocals). A good buy!

    Check out photos of the foam and my VTA-70 build with link below. Pics of the foam are at the end.

    As always, thanks for looking,
    Gregg R.

    Picasa Album]Foam Photos

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    Acoustical Foam Empty Re: Acoustical Foam

    Post by GP49 on Sun Jun 29, 2014 9:32 am

    Glad the foam worked out!  Often the most cost-effective route to improvement in an already-competent system is the treatment of room acoustics.  Maybe you can't do much about basic room nodes which are determined by room dimensions, but treatment of hard reflections is relatively easy and cheap.

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