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    High value items in audio today ...

    j beede

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    Re: High value items in audio today ...

    Post by j beede on Wed Dec 23, 2015 2:38 pm

    bluerondo wrote:Just received two 4 foot cables of these from Amazon. Quality looks great, check out their website for the specs. I put them on the FG and the frequency response exceeded 2MHz (flat) so I guess their good for short interconnection between my receiver and ST VTA-70. 75 Ohm/56pF, Price is great as well. These are the ultra series subwoofer which are available in 4 foot. The RCA stereo series minimum length are 6 footers but it appears the cable is the same. Nice gold connectors.

    [sigh] Wide bandwidth cabling... As I recall Frank van Alstine sold (much loved) ST-70 for years that featured LF and HF bandwidth limiting. Low end attenuation (ostensibly) to keep the power supply and output iron happy, and HF attenuation to eliminate supra audible "grunge". I am not into home theater (a.k.a. thee-YAY-ter in AVA land Smile) so can't/won't comment on extended LF. On the high side I am thinking that anything much above 12KHz shouldn't be amplified anyway. Last I knew Magnepan still ships tweeter padding resistors with their speakers!

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    Re: High value items in audio today ...

    Post by bluerondo on Wed Dec 23, 2015 7:30 pm

    My idea of a perfect interconnect is it should have no affect at all on the signal, the fact this cable has such good high frequency response has value to those who might need much longer distance. For 4 feet yes it's a bit of an overkill. Let other components determine the audio quality, not the cable.

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