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    New to the Forum

    Post by dauphine on Fri Jan 01, 2010 3:57 pm

    Hi Guys

    I'm new here and hailing from Cape Town, South Africa.

    I recently acquired an SCA-35 so I guess this is the right place to learn all about them.

    My amp was totally unabused and must have been stored in dry conditions for quite a few decades as it shows little usage.

    Since I also own other tube equipment (a Leak Stereo 20), I was careful about connecting it to our 220V ac and did so gradually through some 40, 60 and 100W lightbulbs.

    I have not replaced any caps or resistors but have given it a thorough dusting, fitted a new ac cord, a new flush-fit fuseholder,replaced the panelmount on/off switch, repaired the balance pot and replaced the amber power light lens with a little blue number.

    Its performance in my system is good enough for now but there are two issues which bug me:

    If it is connected to the ac and switched off, I can feel a slight 'vibration' if I touch the chassis or faceplace. On switching on, the 'vibration' disappears.

    The other issue is a bit weird. If I pick up the amp and move it fairly vigorously from side to side, I can 'feel' something heavyish moving around. Could this be loose transformer bobbins?

    During initial cleanup and inspection, I also checked for loose screws everywhere and found virtually all of them needed re-torqueing.

    Happy and prosperous New Year to All


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