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    I love innovative customers! SP13 preamp in a Marantz chassis


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    I love innovative customers! SP13 preamp in a Marantz chassis

    Post by tubes4hifi on Wed Jan 14, 2015 2:18 pm

    check out the photos from the attached link, and the review written by this customer of his SP13 preamp.

    My name is Kelly and here is my review of the TUBES4HIFI VTA70 and SP-13 kits.

    I searched for a long time to find a preamp that would make me happy. After a considerable period of time and several failed purchases I decided to build my own and after reading volumes of information on the internet and comparing circuits, I decided on the Aikido tube topology.
    I was new to the tube world and decided to buy a tube amp first and get acquainted with working with tube gear. I purchased a rebuilt Dynaco ST-70 and after a short time started looking for ways to improve it. I happened upon TUBES4HIFI and this is where the magic of my journey began. I purchased the VTA70 octal driver board replacement from Roy and naturally had questions first which Roy answered in short order to my satisfaction. I ordered the assembled kit as I was too lazy to put it together myself. The kit arrived very quickly, well packaged and very nicely assembled. I got busy gutting my Dynaco and installing the VTA board. Following Roy's instructions was a breeze and I soon had it up and running.
    "Here is the magic part".
    The amp biased up easily and then the listening tests commenced. I drove the amp directly from a quality SACD source with variable output, closed my eyes and started to listen. "I started to smile almost instantly"! I then realized that the music was over and I was feeling all warm and fuzzy. This was the experience I was hoping for. I was so impressed with the VTA70 kit that I decided to buy the SP-13 preamp kit from TUBES4HIFI and I have had a continuing experience that was excellent.
    After working on assembling my preamp, I finally got to a place where I could start listening tests and I must admit that the SP-13 preamp did not disappoint. I have been having a real love affair with this preamp and have spent much time tube rolling and have discovered audio nirvana.

    I would strongly recommend both the VTA70 and SP-13 kits if you are looking for a quality audio experience. The boards and kits are top notch and well designed, and Roy is helpful, knowledgeable and courteous.
    Kelly W


    Re: I love innovative customers! SP13 preamp in a Marantz chassis

    Post by Guest on Wed Jan 14, 2015 4:04 pm

    this is pretty cool, and a nice job on integrating the SP13 into the Marantz chassis!

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