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    Speakers for VTA 70?

    Tube Nube
    Tube Nube

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    Speakers for VTA 70? Empty Speakers for VTA 70?

    Post by Tube Nube on Tue Dec 16, 2008 1:10 am

    Greetings Dynaco fans.

    With my VTA Dynaco kit due in early January, I'm hard at work trying to work out a speaker upgrade. In keeping with the audio kit theme, I'd like to try my hand at a good quality DIY.

    Some of the contenders, so far:

    Audio Note, though it's pricey.

    Hammer Dynamics, though 'll have to scratch build the cabinets from plans.

    Madisound bk 16

    Zaph sr 71

    Comments about these or suggestions for other contenders?

    Thanks in advance.

    Bob Latino
    Bob Latino

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    Speakers for VTA 70? Empty RE: Speakers for the VTA ST-70

    Post by Bob Latino on Sat Dec 20, 2008 7:02 pm


    If you want to build a speaker kit then either Madisound or Zalytron can provide high quality kits. Most people have heard of Madisound but check out the Zalytron website at the link below.

    Zalytron Speaker kits

    The Madisound BK-16 - I have not heard this speaker myself but someone whose ear I trust told me that it sounded a little "colored" to him ... Very efficient speaker though ..

    Audio Note - I agree > really pricey for what you get

    My favorite kit speakers that I have heard were based on the Seas drivers. About 3 years ago I almost bought Zalytron's "Trym" kit. I needed a small accurate monitor to run in all the wired amps that go out of my shop. Instead I got a good deal on the Tyler Acoustics Taylo Reference Monitor which is almost identical to the Trym kit with a Seas 7 inch woofer and the Seas Millenium Tweeter. Tyler Acoustics, by the way, sells very high quality speakers direct to the consumer online with no middle man involved. He also has a 20 day trial period in which you can send the speaker back. Those speakers sent back then go to his "outlet store" and are resold with discounts. I got my Taylo Reference Monitors from his outlet store. Tyler uses mainly Seas and ScanSpeak drivers - both of which are excellent. The Seas Millenium Tweeter and the ScanSpeak Revelator tweeter are used by many high end speaker manufacturers. Check out Tyler Acoustics at the link below.

    Speaker kits are nice and give you the self satisfaction of "I built it". Consider though that the RESALE value of speaker kits is low especially if you built your own cabinets. Many audiophiles are leery of purchasing a set of speakers that were put together by someone other than a true speaker company.

    Tube Nube
    Tube Nube

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    Speakers for VTA 70? Empty Re: Speakers for VTA 70?

    Post by Tube Nube on Mon Dec 22, 2008 9:26 pm


    Thanks for these suggestions.

    I have found plans for a speaker that looks interesting. The following review really quite raves:

    Builder comments in several forums vary a lot: None rave, like the 6 moon review, others affirm the great imaging, but note the limitations with more emphasis than 6moons. Others are quite disappointed in the speaker, though it seems that at least several of the most disappointed builders didn't use the recommended driver, or took liberties with the design.

    Taking your advice to heart, I really don't want to spend a lot of money on a kit or home-brew speaker. One of the virtues of this speaker is it is cheap and easy to build -- so I can try my hand at speaker building without risking money I might prefer, at the end, to have put into a commercially built model.

    If this speaker fails to satisfy or falls short of blowing my Linn Index II's out of the water, well, I won't have spent a lot, and I will have tried. In that case, I'll be looking for good alternatives.

    In that likely event, I thank you for directing me to the Tyler speaker. This looks to be a very interesting possibility.


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    Speakers for VTA 70? Empty Speakers for VTA 70?

    Post by MoonMan on Fri Jan 02, 2009 12:34 am

    If you're interested in speaker kits, another source is Parts Express ( They offer a number under their house brand, Dayton Audio, and a couple different units that use Usher speakers. I've heard several of them at the Parts Express showroom in Springboro, OH (I live in Cincinnati, not too far away) and I'd say they're better than average for small monitor-style speakers. They aren't necessarily cheap, but do come with all the parts you need, including enclosures.

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    Speakers for VTA 70? Empty Re: Speakers for VTA 70?

    Post by gothover on Fri Jan 02, 2009 12:50 am

    I have built a few DIY speakers, mostly from scratch. I really like Horn speakers paired with Dynaco 70 VTA. Here is one of the threads from the Klipsch forums as this is a Klipsch syle speaker.

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    Speakers for VTA 70? Empty Re: Speakers for VTA 70?

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