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    Canadian company has acquired the "Dynaco" trade name ?


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    Canadian company has acquired the "Dynaco" trade name ? - Page 5 Empty Re: Canadian company has acquired the "Dynaco" trade name ?

    Post by PeterCapo on Mon Apr 15, 2019 9:28 am

    rjpjnk wrote: ... The Series 3 has a little firmer bass (likely due to the SS rectification, increased capacitance, and lower resistance power supply), and a slightly fuller midrange presentation. To my ears, and with my speakers, I have a slight preference for the Series 3 at this point.

    One thing I did notice is I prefer the sound, (with either amp), using the JJ E34L tubes that came with the Series 3 rather than the reissued Mullards I had in the VTA. Unfortunately, I don't have 8 matching output tubes to equal the playing field so I have had to swap back and forth. Even with the tubes swapped I still notice the above mentioned differences in the sound between the amps, but to a lesser degree. ...

    Of course, I think personal preference is in play.  But, it would be interesting to compare the Series 3 to Bob's amp with the octal option - the 6SN7s.  Perhaps it might be time to consider offering the octal board as an option in the kits?

    A couple of other thoughts... maybe also offer a carbon comp or carbon film resistor option with the kits.  Or, maybe offer an option to replace the tube rectifier with another, small PC board (same location as the 5AR4) mounted above and/or below the deck with solid state diodes and big sandbox resistors installed.  Should get a good deal more ventilation than a Copper Cap.  Might also include either the time delay or a thermistor to ease startup.

    These kinds of options would likely be more work in preparing the kits for shipment.  But, I would think having a range of options is not something the Series 3 would be likely to offer.

    Just kicking some ideas around.

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    Canadian company has acquired the "Dynaco" trade name ? - Page 5 Empty Re: Canadian company has acquired the "Dynaco" trade name ?

    Post by rjpjnk on Mon Apr 15, 2019 2:22 pm

    I am starting to warm to the idea that solid state might be best for power supplies. Wouldn't it be a simple matter to modify a 5AR4 based amp to a SS B+ supply? Or would the voltage be too high without the rectifier tube drop? If we have to load up the circuit with resistors to reduce the voltage doesn't that introduce issues with voltage "firmness"?
    Peter W.
    Peter W.

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    Canadian company has acquired the "Dynaco" trade name ? - Page 5 Empty Re: Canadian company has acquired the "Dynaco" trade name ?

    Post by Peter W. on Mon Apr 15, 2019 3:00 pm

    Heresy Warning:
    Strong Opinion Warning:

    All generated by over 40 years in the hobby, and the history and knowledge acquired along the way.

    a) Tube topology and behavior has been settled science since the 1960s at the latest in terms of topology and Lee DeForest in terms of behavior.
    b) Whereas manufacturing techniques, means, methods and *some* materials have gotten better, the changes are incremental, not evolutionary.
    c) After passing basic standards of quality, suitability and construction, there is remarkably little to choose between two given items designed to the same basic specification.
    d) The greatest variation within a tube component is "the tubes".
    e) The least predictable item within a tube component is "the tubes".

    Suggesting that any two given components well-designed, well made and well maintained to the same basic specifications will sound exactly like any other of the same values - but for "the tubes".

    Writing for myself (opinion), the various options discussed herein, real and/or suggested, may be worthwhile for some, always interesting, but largely unnecessary.

    As a single example:

    I grant the necessity of a robust power-supply. And such a thing is a trivial matter using silicon. But for:  The Rapid Onset of B+.  With the present condition of post-blight tubes, not a very good option. So, the problem may be addressed using a Thryristor, TDR, or any of several other options.
    Which does introduce additional complications.  Kind of like taking a medication for a problem, then taking another medication against the side-effects of the first one.

    KISS has its value in audio electronics - most especially with anything tube-based.


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    Canadian company has acquired the "Dynaco" trade name ? - Page 5 Empty Re: Canadian company has acquired the "Dynaco" trade name ?

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