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    PAS3 preamp upgrades & modifications


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    PAS3 preamp upgrades & modifications

    Post by tubes4hifi on Tue Apr 21, 2015 5:20 pm

    Tubes4HiFi in collaboration with TubeNirvana makes this announcement that as of now ALL Tubes4HiFi preamp upgrades and modifications will
    be fulfilled by Tube Nirvana.  
    Tube Nirvana will now be the seller of Tubes4HiFi's  Dynaco PAS3 preamp upgrade kits, updates and spare parts.
    This range of PAS3 upgrades are the best on the market, with excellent modern tube circuit updates using highest quality parts.
    Check out the new PAS3 upgrades portal here:   TubeNirvana PAS3 page
    This new page provides links to well organized presentations of what is available - power supplies (always start there!), circuit boards,
    and various upgrade parts such as volume & balance controls, selector switch, modern I-O board with gold RCA jacks spaced wide for modern interconnects, etc.

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