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    tubenirvana v19 solid state power supply



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    tubenirvana v19 solid state power supply

    Post by howardnair on Sun Nov 15, 2015 9:56 am

    I purchased the v19 solid state power supply along with a PH10 phon bd and a TCLA tone control kit the PH10 and TCLA came as kits the V19 power supply was assembled--the v19 was ordered first to replace a cooked transformer -the power caps seemed fine -and there was some newer bds -original style dynaco bds--there were issues so I ordered the nirvana bds-all kits are assembled and in place wiring as directed-I do not get any heater/filaments voltages from the power supply I get 0 -I get B+ 270 and 274v dc at the proper places--121v ac line voltage--15vac across the low voltage transformer legs which is for the filaments--through some diodes that work as a voltage doubler giving me 36vdc-some caps and a 1ohm resistor which seem to ck out then we have a tip2955 pnp transistor-t he emitter has 36v the base 36v --the collector 0v--the voltage regulator has 36v at I 0 volts at o and grnd--I am not all that familiar with transistors but  it seems that is the problem--I would like to post a schematic but am not sure tubenirvana would appreciate that-I was hoping someone would be familiar enough with this power supply to give me a few pointers-tubenirvana has not responded as of yet --this is not a complaint they must be busy and help is available on this forum--if anyone knows that it is ok to post the schematic let me know or again a little push in the rt direction -at present the wiring to the heaters is disconnected -one to isolate the problem and two enabling me to turn the board slightly on its side to ck the voltages--thanks --Howie


    Re: tubenirvana v19 solid state power supply

    Post by Guest on Thu Nov 19, 2015 4:35 pm

    Hi Howie,

    sorry to hear about your issues, and I cannot seem to find any e-mail's you may have sent to me.
    Send me an e-mail at and we'll go from there!

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