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    Preamp question,



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    Preamp question,

    Post by trgodd2003 on Wed Mar 23, 2016 10:30 pm

    Thank you for the add to the site.

    I picked up the mark III's from the earlier post. I have a St-70 from the same person. A friend owned them that has died recently. I have the St-70 running from a laptop to some Bose bookshelf speakers that were given to me. I have the Mark III's running from a blue tooth stereo adapter to a set of Bose 501's, also given to me a while back.  Any suggestions on how to create a 5 channel system. I'm thinking the mark III's running speaker A, the St-70 running speaker B, and the final running a powered sub. Most of the older preamp's are 2 channel and/or won't play both A & B at the same time. Then how to tie in the sub. I will be adding a turntable in the future. There seems to be a wide choice when it comes to speakers as the Bose have to go, good enough for free but not able to create the sound with the amp's. I will continue to catch up with the older posts and look forward to the forum's ideas. Thank you, Tony

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