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    Squeal on 78 Selection PAM-1


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    Squeal on 78 Selection PAM-1

    Post by bubbasweet on Wed Apr 06, 2016 2:01 pm

    I have 2 PAM-1 Preamps. They sound fine. I just did the selenium removal mod and this happened before that also. Everything seems to be perfect except when the selectors are on the 78 Phono option I hear a nasty squeal through the speakers. Anyone know why this would be? My Dual 1019 is plugged into the LP phono inputs and there it sounds normal. All other inputs work fine. Just this abnoxious squeal when moving the selector form LP phono to or past 78 Phono when I am moving it past to go to TV or Radio. I am not sure if it is happening on one preamp or both I will check later. Is this normal?

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