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    Dynaco MkIII restored, KT120 in it?


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    Re: Dynaco MkIII restored, KT120 in it?

    Post by peterh on Sun Mar 04, 2018 6:40 am

    Bo was the largest supplier of dynacos and kits in sweden.
    When he got questions if it was difficult to assemble, he gave his two kids
    age 10-14 one mkIII kit each and asked them to build it.
    Of course it worked. They got into bo's clauset together with 4 other do drive
    the house speakers. They were used to drive the "under-the-floor" bass horns made
    by bricks and concrete.

    Oh, those memories :-)

    Bo Hanssons Candela sometimes comes on sale. I might be that one is available now,
    do you want me to check ?


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    Re: Dynaco MkIII restored, KT120 in it?

    Post by Dynaco_wjw on Sun Mar 04, 2018 7:40 am

    O really? Did Bo sell the Dynaco kits? I did not know this.
    In 87 I bought a complete new stereo set. I went to a hifi store that had 3 listening rooms. I bought the best ones for my ears in the cheapest listening room. Canton sub with two satellites. When I had these at home it was terrible. I went back to listening room 2. I got a box in my hands with switches to switch between the speaker sets. After one 'round' of speaker sets I knew it at once though I could not see from what speaker this delicate sound came from. It seemed to be white concrete speakers, the Chaconne. Really I pity that Bo died at such a young age. He developed such nice products. Do you know the new Rauna people?

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