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    Dynaco Durability - a $15 ST-70


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    Dynaco Durability - a $15 ST-70 Empty Dynaco Durability - a $15 ST-70

    Post by Kentley on Sat Sep 24, 2016 12:09 am

    Some guys have all the luck. This YouTuber documents a thrift-shop find which is drool-worthy. This unit's survival is undoubtedly due solely to the bomb-proof design and build of the early ST-70. Hopefully, he eventually did the right thing - a Latino board. Watch 'em and weep.
    It is unclear from the evidence, but one supposes that due to the non-working right channel (the 7199 on the board is not lit up, but those original EL-34s are bright) that this guy may have run this amp with no load on the right channel extensively. And, once fixed, there was no damage. What an amp.

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    Dynaco Durability - a $15 ST-70 Empty Re: Dynaco Durability - a $15 ST-70

    Post by wildiowa on Sat Sep 24, 2016 10:17 am

    My ST-70 I inherited from a dear old DJ friend who passed away and who was the undisputed number one source of knowledge on old records, who played on them, where they were recorded, etc. etc. I turned him on to Dynas many years ago and he picked his up at a thrift store with the cage still clearly marked "$4.95" in Sharpie. I'm not sure if he talked them down or not....

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