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    Tubes vs. transistors .. Slawa Roschkow

    Peter W.
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    Post by Peter W. on Fri Dec 16, 2016 8:14 am

    peterh wrote:This tends to get very broad ;.)
    read the book "current driving of loudspeakers", and try some suggestions there.

    Damping speakers by their electromotive power i.e. using low impedance amp to try to control
    speaker "overshoots" is moot. Building speakers that does not overshoot or resonances are
    the (new ) way to go.   But i do not have to convince anyone, use your ears and try !

    I don't think i have more to add to this subject, getting back to my beer
    Happy x-mas

    Sorry for being a nudge - but very specific representations have been made as to the *electrical* differences between Tube and Solid State amplifiers, and how that affects the sound they produce. If, in fact, these differences exist, they should be within the realm of easily measured phenomenon, again given that the differences are so specific. I am not trying to prove one thing or another, or state that one means is superior to the other. I am trying to identify and verify that those differences as-represented are present-and-correct. Which, in turn will help me discern how their different behaviors may affect sound. I keep Maggie speakers as well as conventional cone & dome speakers.

    Goes back to High School, and the favorite words of every English Teacher: Compare and contrast....

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