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    More dumb streaming questions



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    Re: More dumb streaming questions

    Post by Dogstar on Tue May 16, 2017 8:19 pm

    deepee99 wrote:
    Dogstar wrote:A while back I was reading a thread about hearing and the highest frequency the thread contributors could hear. As I remember it there was a downloadable file that could be played that had a sampling of tones that went up to 20 KHz. There were a few that claimed they were able to hear frequencies that high. I can imagine these clowns playing the file through on their laptops and using cheap earbuds to test themselves. And obviously they were more qualified to be an audiophile because they could here 20 KHz.

    I remember a long time ago JBL gave away 12 inch vinyl LP's that also had tones up to 20 KHz. I remember that after playing it the first time about all you could hear was a hiss.

    Bob Latino posted a hearing test awhile back on the Forum, IIRC. Maybe that should be a sticky.

    I'm pretty sure the thread I read was on

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