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    Black Treasure CV181-Z in VTA ST120



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    Black Treasure CV181-Z in VTA ST120

    Post by eickmewg on Sun Jun 11, 2017 6:49 am

    Based on some recommendations from the forum, I decided to try a 6SN7 with adapter for the center tube of my ST120 driver board. I thought it was a nice improvement. Subsequently, I decided to build up an octal drive board to use 6SN7's in all three driver spots. Then I read many reviews of the Shuguang Black Treasure CV181-Z that were very positive. I ordered one from a Chinese source and it arrived totally smashed! On my second try, I got one that arrived intact. It replaced a very nice Sylvania/Baldwin 6SN7GTB tube. Even with virtually no burn-in, the CV181-Z was noticeably better. I wasn't expecting to really hear a difference, but I was surprised by the improvement. It is a pricey tube, but I'm very happy with its performance. I still have Sylvnia's for the phase splitters. As a side note, I have Black Treasure KT88 power tubes and I'm using a Copper Cap WZ68 that I have modified with a number of ventilation holes. This is a very pleasing combination cheers

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    Re: Black Treasure CV181-Z in VTA ST120

    Post by arledgsc on Sun Jun 11, 2017 1:01 pm

    Awesome.  In most cases the CV-181s take a while to fully blossom and open up.  In fact I had one sound strangely muffled and strident for the first 50 hrs.  But I am still using it today and sounds great.  

    I always found the best deals for BT CV-181-Zs is to order two for around $140 - $150.  The two should last me for at least 5 yrs. or more.

    ... I just saw recently an interesting ad on Amazon for the Black Treasure CV-181 (single or pair). On Amazon web site search - " Shuguang Treasure Cv181-z Vacuum Tube ".

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    Re: Black Treasure CV181-Z in VTA ST120

    Post by WntrMute2 on Mon Jun 12, 2017 2:20 pm

    Funny, I just started a thread at the HiFi Haven site regarding this tube. Linky

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    Re: Black Treasure CV181-Z in VTA ST120

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