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    Videos of the ST-70, SP-14, PH-14 and ST-35


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    Videos of the ST-70, SP-14, PH-14 and ST-35

    Post by crkohut on Thu Jan 25, 2018 11:08 pm

    Take a look at some videos I have available at my YouTube channel. Some are overview videos and some are restoration (ST-35). See the VTA ST-70, the VTA PH-14 and VTA SP-14 as well as the vintage Dynaco ST-35.

    Here are a couple of vids, and if you like, click the "Playlist" links to see more.

    Dynaco ST-35 Playlist

    Listening Room Playlist (Bob ST-70 and VTA stuff)

    Here are 3 samples...Enjoy

    Roy Mottram SP-14 Preamp and PH-14 phono preamp video below

    Best regards,
    Rob Smile

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