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    Dynaco factory records question


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    Dynaco factory records question Empty Dynaco factory records question

    Post by WLT on Wed Dec 05, 2018 1:48 pm

    When the original Dynaco factory went out of business where did all the hard copy engineering records go? I would hate to think they were discarded. I volunteer at the Antique Wireless Association museum in East Bloomfield NY. They have a huge assortment of original records from many different vendors. I would hope the Dynaco records would have gone to a similar museum or at least a collector for preservation.

    Anyone have info?
    Peter W.
    Peter W.

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    Dynaco factory records question Empty Re: Dynaco factory records question

    Post by Peter W. on Wed Dec 05, 2018 2:30 pm

    The Blackwood, NJ (Tyco) Dynaco Factory closed in 1980 sold out to Stereo Cost Cutters (SCC) Also known as Sound Values, lock, stock & barrel. SCC maintained some of the Dynaco products as long as factory stock remained, and did various revivals and modifications over the years. I expect that the paperwork came along with the purchase. Keep in mind that the Dynaco name sold several times over the years, and included multiple re-issues and revivals, as well as 'new' products. Ed Laurent also kept his hand in the audio business, and may have retained some paperwork and rights.

    The last remaining link to SCC that I could find is below. Whether it is active or not ....

    Stereo Cost Cutters
    TV and Radio Dealers
    185 N Yale Ave
    Columbus, OH 43222-1146
    (614) 279-2383

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