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    Free Dynaco tube schematics

    Bob Latino

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    Free Dynaco tube schematics

    Post by Bob Latino on Sun Nov 30, 2008 5:35 pm

    Free Dynaco tube schematics are at the following links ...

    NOTE - You have to be a forum member for the links to show up

    NOTE - After the schematic is on your web page > Right click "Save Image As" and give a location on your computer. You will save a LARGER VERSION of what was on your screen.

    1. PAS-2 or PAS-3 schematic at > PAS-2/3 schematic

    2. Stereo Control schematic at > Stereo Control schematic

    3. ST-70 Series II schematic at > ST-70 Series II schematic

    4. ST-70 schematic at > ST-70 schematic

    5. ST-35 schematic at > ST-35 schematic

    6. SCA-35 schematic at > SCA-35 schematic

    7. PAM-1 schematic # 1 at > PAM-1 schematic

    8. PAM-1 schematic # 2 at > PAM-1 schematic 2

    9. Mark VI schematic at > Mark VI schematic

    10. Mark IV schematic at > Mark IV schematic

    11. Mark III schematic at > Mark III schematic

    12. Mark II schematic is at > Mark II schematic

    13. FMX-3 multiplex stereo schematic is at > FMX-3 multiplex schematic

    14. FM-3 stereo tuner schematic is at > FM-3 tuner schematic

    15. FM-1 mono tuner schematic is at > FM-1 mono tuner schematic

    16. PAS-4 schematic 1 is at > PAS-4 schematic 1

    17. PAS-4 schematic 2 is at > PAS-4 schematic 2


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