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    "upscale" parts for Dynaco ST-35

    Captain Coconut

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    "upscale" parts for Dynaco ST-35

    Post by Captain Coconut on Thu Jun 24, 2010 5:16 pm

    I am going to build a Dynakit ST-35 before too long and wonder if the amp would benefit from "upscale" caps and resistors. It would seem that the coupling caps might be worthwhile changing to Auricaps as Bob mentioned in another post but are there other specific areas where changes might be beneficial? I'm not sure if I'm a big believer in boutique caps and resistors, but then I've never had the opportunity to compare one with upscale parts and one with stock parts side by side.



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    Re: "upscale" parts for Dynaco ST-35

    Post by howardnair on Fri Jun 25, 2010 7:28 am

    captain coconut--i rebuilt a st-35 a while back--i sold it to a man in france -he complimented me on what i did-it has been a while but i think i used soniccap platinums for coupling caps and i think some smaller auricaps--i also used prp resistors-i am not a fan of orange drops for certain apps-a mixture of caps is a good idea--lately in two old scott amps and a pair of speakers i have used jupiter caps which i would highly recommend-i have excellent success's with the russian k-40's -i have used mundorf silver in oil--which i would definitely use in the st-35 but i do not think they would fit--maybe under chassis-boutique cap is a misnomer-these are simply a better capacitor-due to size i would actually comsider the russian k-40 not the green k-42-go for it--howie

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