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    Low Rectifier Voltage output after SDS Cap board install.


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    Re: Low Rectifier Voltage output after SDS Cap board install.

    Post by MikeyV on Sun Feb 04, 2018 9:07 pm

    I now have both the MKIIIs up and running.  One has a little bit lower voltage by the time it gets to the Printed Citcuit board points 4, 5 and 6, but it seems to have no ill effect. I let them play at good volume for 45 minutes, the seemed to work well. They sound heavily, even through mediocre speakers.

    I have hooked them up to a McIntosh C504 Preamp, and into some junky speakers for testing.  Years ago, I though the McIntosh Pre had a channel going bad, but it must have been the tubes in the Dynaco failing.  The Macintosh C504 seems to work fine.

    So my whole rig is cool, All in a few days.  I'm super happy about that.
    Normally, I run: Computer/CD player/Phonograph > 1980's McIntosh C504 Pre > Dynaco MKIIIs > Pair of 80's Acoustic Research AR92 floor speakers.

    Thanks to the Forum and all its members!

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