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    Seeking Treble and Bass pots for SCA-35



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    Seeking Treble and Bass pots for SCA-35

    Post by wharf-creek on Tue Oct 05, 2010 12:10 pm

    Hello Fellow Dynaco Fans!!

    First.....Bob....that Mono-block 120 looks AWESOME!! I've been considering your ST-120 for some time now.....but these mono-block amps look like REAL winners to me! I've already determined that my appetite for power far surpasses the ST-70 range. I've loved my Mark IIIs and found them 'satisfactory' for most of my listening enjoyment. But......I've often wanted even more....and particularly now that I've invested in a set of Cornwalls. I'd LOVE to put some real power behind those!

    Anyway....the purpose of this post is to solicit some help in obtaining a set of pots for an SCA-35. That particular Dynaco used a 'ganged' or 'stacked' pot in the treble and bass control area. The bass was a dual 2 meg, and the treble was a dual 500K. I just purchased an old SCA-35 and someone had done the 'audiophile' mod of removing the tone controls. Honestly.....I'll give anyone their personal choice to do this...but for me....I LIKE my tone controls. I don't really think that in every recording, the EQ is set just the way I like it. And, without any ability to compensate for what the engineer felt should be there....I feel a bit handicapped. So....'yes', I will often adjust my tone controls....and in using a 5 disc changer, I may adjust those controls 5 different times...depending on what I've got loaded in there. I've found that even the volume level changes and may need adjusting...based on the 'gain' built into the cd itself.

    So.....all that being said, I need those two dual pots....and if anyone can help, I'd REALLY appreciate it. I can be reached via pm on this forum, but I'd prefer a personal email to my address of Wharf_Creek at hotmail dot com. I don't know if this site underlines an email address or not...but I know AK I now spell it out that way to avoid having the underscore between Wharf and Creek obliterated by the underline.

    I appreciate any help that can be offered...and hope I'll hear from a willing benefactor soon. Many thanks!!! Tom D. PS: Keep up the good work Bob!! TSD

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