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    New JJ 6550, 6CA7 and EL844 output tubes for your Dynaco amp

    Bob Latino

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    New JJ 6550, 6CA7 and EL844 output tubes for your Dynaco amp

    Post by Bob Latino on Thu Nov 25, 2010 8:02 am

    I just got an Email from CE Distribution announcing the following three new output tubes from JJ ..

    "CE Distribution, the primary distributor of JJ Electronic vacuum tubes, is pleased to announce the release of three new JJ tube types. JJ Electronic has been producing premium vacuum tubes in the Slovak Republic for over 16 years. JJ products are known in the industry as the best-sounding and most reliable tubes produced today.

    The three new tubes are all very welcome additions to the JJ line: the 6550, 6CA7 and EL844. The JJ 6550 is musical in every sense of the word and will improve the sound of your high-powered bass and guitar amps with punch and clarity. The 6CA7 is a large bottle version fo the classic EL34 that gives a bigger and warmer sound than any EL34 in the market today. It is a substitute for all amps that use EL34s. The last addition to the line has been designed by JJ from scratch, an EL844. A substitute for any EL84, the EL844 has lower gain and a more balanced, dynamic sound."

    The 6550 tubes should work just fine in a Dynaco Mark III, VTA ST-120 or the new VTA M-125 monoblocks. A 6CA7 is pretty much the same as an EL34 and should work well in any Dynaco ST-70 or Mark IV. The new EL844 would be the tube to use in your Dynaco ST-35 or SCA-35. If anyone does get a quad of either of these three tubes in the future maybe you could comment here on their sound. JJ does usually produce good sounding tubes but their quality control is sometimes not the best. I guess time will tell ..


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    Re: New JJ 6550, 6CA7 and EL844 output tubes for your Dynaco amp

    Post by kevco on Thu Dec 16, 2010 9:19 am

    I think the idea with the EL844 is that it will break up earlier than an El84 when over driven in a guitar amp situation. This will produce a crunchy distorted tone with less actual power output from the amp, making practice and studio work a bit less loud. Early break up is never a good thing in audio applications. When you can buy a quad of real Mullard or Amperex EL84's for $100, let the guitar guys fiddle with these. Just my opinion.

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    Re: New JJ 6550, 6CA7 and EL844 output tubes for your Dynaco amp

    Post by Sled108 on Sun Dec 19, 2010 2:10 am

    Well, it's a good thing that the people at JJ are doing what they do...Not only for the Guitar Guys, but also for anyone else with a Tube Amp...I've been running a Quad of JJ KT77's in my ST70 for at least 10 years now...And they are the Troublesome 'Small Pins'...They don't hold Bias well, but I have a Trimmer for each of them and right now I have them at 50Ma and 2:00 on the Marantz 7T...They are not even Breathing hard, they are running Clean and do not Break into O.D., they just sound Great! For a $20 Tube, these can't be Beat...I do not know of JJ's quality issues now, but I do know that even Crappy JJ's Sound Nice!...And, a Quad of Matched EL84's for $40 is a Tad better than $100...


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    Re: New JJ 6550, 6CA7 and EL844 output tubes for your Dynaco amp

    Post by defec on Sun Dec 19, 2010 8:48 pm

    I really wish that they'd have made a 7189 also. New one is stuck to only being able to use a Sovtek EL84M. Anyway I'm really curious to how their 6CA7 is in a hifi amp.

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    Re: New JJ 6550, 6CA7 and EL844 output tubes for your Dynaco amp

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