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    'Ol Blue Eyes ST-120



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    'Ol Blue Eyes ST-120

    Post by Disles1 on Fri Jan 14, 2011 4:51 pm

    After pulling my hair out - not quite correct as I have very little hair - trying to de-bug a loud hum in my newly built ST-120 (which also went on to fry a Mullard rectifier) Bob Latino noticed that I had my input leads wired incorrectly. With the leads properly connected the amp is up and running beautifully. It is quite a performer.

    I have blue eyes so decided to paint the transformer end bells in Chevy blue with flat black plates. I'm using 1/2" EAR Isodamp C-1002 glued to black walnut as feet so as to dampen any chassis vibrations (with EAR SD125 under the chassis as well). The shellacked walnut feet match the front of a DIY preamp and turntable apron, so I call my rack a RetroRack (walnut having been popular in the olden days). The blue transformer caps coordinate nicely with the EAR and the JJ Electronic Blue Bottle KT88 power tubes.

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