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    WIMA MPK 4 .1uf 630 volt Capacitors


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    WIMA MPK 4 .1uf 630 volt Capacitors Empty WIMA MPK 4 .1uf 630 volt Capacitors

    Post by wolverine on Fri Apr 29, 2011 8:56 am

    I had some WIMA MPK 4 .1uf 630 volt caps sitting around forever so I decided to try some on one of my ST-70's. I replaced orange drops caps on the driver board with the WIMA's and left the two orange drop .05 caps in the center in place. I did a capacitance check on the caps before putting them in and they were spot on.

    I was astonished at the clarity and sound stage I am hearing with these WIMA caps. It is really just amazing at how much better they sounded then the orange drops. I was shocked, a huge improvement. The upper end is just superb, but did cause it to be brighter then the orange drops. I had to bring down my knob a bit on the highs to get them warmer. I normally run right at flat across the board on the tone controls, so I reduced the treble just a bit.

    I am now a huge fan of WIMA MPK 4's for the driver board of my ST-70 and will install the ones I have in the rest of my units. I understand they have a Black Box audio version of the cap and I will be looking for some of those in the future to try them out. Seriously though if you haven't tried the WIMA's you really should think about it.

    Has anyone else here ever tried the WIMA's, and what is your view and experience with these caps please?

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