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    Adding a vintage (or new) Volt Meter to amp


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    Adding a vintage (or new) Volt Meter to amp

    Post by oatstao on Tue May 03, 2011 12:08 am

    Hi there! I have a lambda power supply that I'm using for parts and aside from the beautiful cloth lead
    transformers on that sucker, there are two vintage bakelite Volt Meters on the front.

    I would like to use one Voltmeter on my Dynakit 70.
    Does anyone mind helping me connect it to my Dyna? Just the right contact points and I will solder her in.

    I see it's done alot, you see some amps on Audiogon with the same idea.

    Also, if I was to add Left / Right RCA - OUTPUT on the front (I would like to do processing/recording of sound with the amp)
    which pins to use on the Left and Right that would normally run to the pre-amp.

    Any help appreciated, mucho gracious!

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