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    Playlist-Songs I've never played before in the ST70



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    Playlist-Songs I've never played before in the ST70

    Post by j4570 on Sun Aug 21, 2011 8:38 pm

    So my wife had to work, and the kids were busy, so I thought I'd hook the iphone up to the Dynaco ST70 (VTA rebuild) and listen to some songs I've never listened to on the ST70 before, though they are in there right now for the commute to work. Playlist:

    Bette Davis Eyes-Kim Carnes
    Centerfold-J. Geils
    Dance Hall Days-Wang Chung
    Every Breath You Take-The Police
    Forever and Ever, Amen-Willie Nelson
    Friday I'm in Love-The Cure
    I was Country when Country wasn't Cool-Barbare Mandrell
    I Won't Forget You-Poison
    The Lady is a Tramp-Sinatra
    Mama I'm Coming Home-Ozzy Oabourne
    Mississippi Squirrel Revival-Ray Stevens
    My Way-Sinatra
    Pretty In Pink-Psycadelic Furs (original, not remix for movie)
    Runaway-Bon Jovi
    Tight Fittin' Jeans-Conway Twitty
    Video Killed the Radio Star-The Buggles
    You're the Reason God Made Oklahoma-Shelley West and David Frizzell
    1985-Bowling for Soup

    A rather ecceltic playlist, but I will say the Dynaco ST70 and EPI M90's performed well. While I could have better speakers, I was setting up a "typical" setup someone might actually have had when using the ST70. I will say this, "You're the Reason God Made Oklahoma" sounded better than I have ever heard it before. I know that's wierd, but I heard what I had never heard before.

    So my point is try playing something you've never tried playing before, even if it's just for fun......It might not be your favorite music, but sometimes we all need a change.


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