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    VTA SP-8 build


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    VTA SP-8 build Empty VTA SP-8 build

    Post by JoaoCabrao Thu Apr 02, 2009 12:29 pm

    Hi all,

    I'm going to start building a VTA SP-8 pre-amp and was wondering what kind of wire to use and where is the best place to order from. I'm using Cardas Quad solder and I was wondering about what gauge wire solid or stranded to use (silver, copper, tinned copper). Also one builder on the Klipsch forums used coax wire for the phono stage, is this recommended? If so what type of coax should be used?

    Thanks in advance,
    J.J. Monteiro

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    VTA SP-8 build Empty Re: VTA SP-8 build

    Post by tubes4hifi Sat Apr 04, 2009 10:22 pm

    Some people prefer solid wire, I prefer stranded wire, 22 or 24 guage hookup wire recommended, doesn't need to be anything special (except PLEASE, no crappy RadioShack wire, the insulation on that stuff melts like butter just above room temp!!), and yes, miniature coax is recommended for the phono input, you can use an old or new low-cost interconnect (one of those $5 ones from RadioShack) and just cut the ends off. Also, please, no standard size microphone cable, it's too large and too stiff.
    OK, actually my recommendation for wire is Beldon 8503, it's available from in about 10 different colors, for about $30 per 100 feet.
    I can supply small quantities of wire and/or coax to my customers.

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