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    6AU8A in a Dynaco.


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    6AU8A in a Dynaco. Empty 6AU8A in a Dynaco.

    Post by denny9167 on Fri Jun 14, 2013 4:17 pm

    Tried out a new tube in my Mark IV,the 6AU8A, the tube socket is designed for a 6GH8A and I simply made my own adapter from a socket saver, the tube did surprisingly well,it's very close to specs,with slightly higher power handling capability. I'm sure the curcuit could be tweaked a little more for even better performance. They price about the same as the 6GH8A.[url=6AU8A in a Dynaco. 69f351dc3f67900bc4b6c6df682a79b1_zpsb116bfdc]6AU8A in a Dynaco. 69f351dc3f67900bc4b6c6df682a79b1_zpsb116bfdc[/url]

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