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    SP9 / PH10 custom build


    SP9 / PH10 custom build - Page 2 Empty Re: SP9 / PH10 custom build

    Post by Guest on Thu Apr 10, 2014 9:11 pm

    sKiZo wrote:
    MontanaWay wrote:
    One thing I did notice, when turning the preamp off, with power amp still on and volume about half way, you can hear a hum start up, split second, then fading away as the preamp 'winds' down, any thoughts?

    I get something similar using my Sansui x001 receiver as a preamp. Not sure if it's that or the DAC, but it's just a momentary buzz and then it goes quiet. No evidence of said noise during playback. Wonder if it's just the nature of the beast as the tubes look for a signal they've been getting and all of a sudden aren't. Doesn't happen all the time. I'm also thinking it could be my dbx BoomBox needs a recap. Switching that out kills the noise too.

    Great job BTW ... the best part of any build is firing it up without, like ... firing it up ... long as you don't screw up the transformer wiring!!  Wink 

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