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    B&W-m125's Empty B&W-m125's

    Post by bluemeanies on Tue Mar 24, 2015 1:49 pm

    I would like some opinions on the marriage of a pair of m125's and the B&W 804S speakers. Some of you may know that B&W speakers have a history of craving power more than what the speaker is rated 50-200 watts. As a matter of fact I have read where these speakers to not come alive unless you are pushing them with at least 300watts. I tested that theory with the purchase of the Emotiva XPA1's gen2 amplifiers only to find out that my listening preferences was not wanting a LOUDER sound which I had the headroom for but was the more spatial open clarity of recordings which were more important and exciting to me. Since, I have sold the XPA's and have just yesterday purchased a pair of m125's.
    The sensitivity rating of the 804's is 90db.
    I would like some feedback on the matching of the 804's with the m125's for two channel listening. While I am anticipating a more clean, clear, spatial presentation I am concerned that the mids could have a flat response if they are starving for power.

    Thanks in advance

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    B&W-m125's Empty Re: B&W-m125's

    Post by Kentley on Tue Mar 24, 2015 2:53 pm

    Frank - It would be difficult to judge your situation without knowing the dimensions of your room and the type of acoustics you are dealing with. Also your preference in music. I have B&W Matrix 803 first series in a 13/10/7 room and my new VTA ST-120 at 60 per is more than adequate. In fact, it's incredible. PM me for a discussion of this - but my gut feeling is that you will be more than satisfied with the M-125 under the right conditions.
    Sensitivity rating are only a general guide. And you are undoubtedly aware that 125 "tube" watts is effectively "more better" than twice the SS wattage.

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