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    M-125 Output Impedance Tricks?


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    M-125 Output Impedance Tricks? - Page 3 Empty Re: M-125 Output Impedance Tricks?

    Post by ttocs Wed Oct 13, 2021 9:55 am

    AmpedUp wrote:Are you listening to vinyl, streaming, combination?  


    I stream via Apple TV 4K 2021, network FLAC, and play discs. The TV4K is very convenient, not perfect. It plays Apple Music very well now and I like it much better than Tidal via Mac mini or TV4K, which I canceled just a couple weeks ago after living with both this year.

    No more vinyl after the tornados came through town causing power outage for a few days which then caused my records in the flooded basement to become moldy. I tossed most of them out because we were dealing with mold on a grander scale and the LP's just weren't high enough on my list at that time to want to tackle what with the amount of cleanup needing to be done immediately. That was 20 years ago. But at least the basement was empty after that.

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    M-125 Output Impedance Tricks? - Page 3 Empty Re: M-125 Output Impedance Tricks?

    Post by pedrocols Wed Oct 13, 2021 2:27 pm

    ttocs wrote:
    pedrocols wrote:
    ttocs wrote:
    I'd still love to find out what changing the output caps to Mundorf silver-oil would do. I might be willing to do this, but not without knowing what the expectation would be. I've searched to see what difference might be expected, but it was a shot in the dark, nothing substantial came of it.

    Thanks to all who helped! I'm not done yet, probably, maybe, but tonight is proving to be right there with what I've been wanting.
    I could lend you my Silver oil caps. They probably have around 100 hundred hours on them. I have tried the Silver oils, Jantzen Superior , Evo supreme silver/gold, the Russian caps and the Audiocaps PPT Thetas. I've settled for the Aidiocaps as they seem to be more "punchy" which I like.

    Thank you for the very kind and generous offer! For now, I'll keep that in abeyance pending further education on the subject. But first, need more time with the recent changes.

    So if one were to try to define how capacitors can change the sound, would it be to describe it as changing dynamics? When you mention "punchy", this is what I thought of.

    The caps that came with my kits are the Russian PIO. My goal in thinking about changing the caps is to decipher if a change will be more to my liking or less. Predictions can be tricky with our hobby.
    You're welcome. I think you can say that the speakers appear to be more dynamic or just like you mentioned, this caps provides me with the sound I like. My speakers are magnepans 1.7 by the way.  I think in the end I could happily live with any of them. These VTA M-125 amps are sweet!

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