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    Thank you Bob ST-70


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    Thank you Bob ST-70 Empty Thank you Bob ST-70

    Post by raudio44 Wed Aug 18, 2021 7:15 am

    Hi, thought I had done this at the time (been years ago) but not sure I did. Wanted to thank you Bob for your help in recommending Troy Madden to work on my original ST- 70. If I did not do this before, sorry Bob.

    Now I am not a tech, but maybe could have done the updates myself. I can solder and change parts. What concerned me was this amp needed to be checked out and tested to be safe. considering the voltages involved and age of the components, I could not do this.

    Well I sent it off to Troy and he did a great job. Since I did not have any experience with this amp, I thought to keep it original except upgrading the inputs. Had the general updates done; change out the selenium rectifier, quad cap, and a few other cap updates. Really done well and was confident that everything was updated that needed to be and safe to run. I realize that most are able to do the work themselves and not have to put extra money into a unit, but since a friend gave me the amp, the cost of having it done was offset.

    Due to Medical/Health issues and living arrangements, I haven't used it much. There are some outstanding things I finally want to clear up just to complete it.

    I have some questions which I will put in a separate post.


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