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    Tubes4HiFi VTA preamp and amplifier business update


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    Tubes4HiFi VTA preamp and amplifier business update Empty Tubes4HiFi VTA preamp and amplifier business update

    Post by tubes4hifi Sun Aug 29, 2021 10:38 pm

    Bob and I (Roy) have spent the past year trying to find a buyer for our business.  Reason being Bob is 79 and I'm 70,
    and we are to the point where running a business full time is just taking too much time away from being able to live and enjoy life.
    But two problems, NO one has any money, and NO one has any experience.
    So this is what is happening, I (Roy) who started this business in 1989, will be taking over the amplifier end of the business from Bob.
    As well as continuing to sell SOME preamps.   Due to lack of interest, the SP12 will not be continued.
    The SP14 has been overwhelmingly a huge success and selling more than all other preamps combined.
    The SP10 I source from China for budget customers.
    The PH16 is my premium phono tube preamp, so I'll continue with that, as well as the budget PH14 which is a clone of the famous EAR834P.
    Prices of both transformer and chassis have increased 10-20% over the past year (along with a 40% increase in the price of gasoline,
    thank you Mr. Biden for shutting down our pipeline and eliminating 80,000 jobs.  OK, sorry for my political input.   Done.
    The M-125's are presently out of stock. If you were planning on buying an ST70 or ST120, at current prices, do it NOW.  Most current inventory should last thru September.
    The website has been a mess for year, I will attempt to make it easier to navigate, especially since it seems now 80% of folks try to use the internet
    with their little tiny cell phones rather than a proper computer.  90% of the questions I get are shown in plain view on the webpages.
    Thanks for being such great customers and helping Bob and I provide with some of the best hi-fi products on the market.

    No comments please - send me an email rather than post on the forum any yeahs, nays, suggestions, or comments.

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