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    ST-120 system in Costa Rica


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    ST-120 system in Costa Rica Empty ST-120 system in Costa Rica

    Post by baddog1946 on Sun Oct 03, 2010 10:46 am

    Hi all:
    Thought I would try to post these pics again. My first try was a little amateurish. they are now properly captioned and here is an explanation of how it works.

    so here goes............

    The system uses a PC based archive.

    I use a computer with "Mediamonkey" to organize it all from the archive side and I have 1.6 terabytes on 2 hard drives almost full of Jazz, Blues and various classic rock and roll.

    I digitized my collection of 40 years on to the hard drives and converted everything to the FLAC format.

    I use the PC based jukebox for managing the music and the EQ to set the master input volume and tweak the sound mix.

    I go directly to the amp from the PC via the "Gamma II" DAC and only use the preamp for component selection and to set the input levels of the CD/Tuner section.
    It all works great and my amp (the heart and soul of the system) is a real winner. Its DEAD quiet!

    The hardware is as follows:

    "Acer" 6460 Pentium 4 Computer

    "Latino" ST-120 amp

    "Bottlehead Foreplay III Extended" preamp

    "Onkyo CR-305TX" CD and tuner section

    2 H.D.D.'s with 1.6 terabytes for the archive

    Custom "Gamma-2" DAC (made for me by a buddy).

    "Scott Endler" DACT 12 step attenuators for the sub woofer volume.(best deal on the internet for these attenuators).

    "Decware NFX" full range speakers (99dB SPL)

    "Teac" 6" sub woofer



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    ST-120 system in Costa Rica Empty Re: ST-120 system in Costa Rica

    Post by Sprags on Wed Apr 03, 2013 7:12 pm

    Nice system...the log is awesome!

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