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    symfo's system (new member)


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    symfo's system (new member) Empty symfo's system (new member)

    Post by symfo Sat Jan 01, 2011 9:24 am

    symfo's system (new member) Img2811u

    symfo's system (new member) Img2734jr

    A Blue Amp fully restored/modified Thorens TD 125 with SME 3009 and a EMT TSD 15. (the Shelter 501 mkII on the photo is sold)
    A double mono transformer volume control by Promitheus with in the middle a fully balanced Blue Amp model 42 phonostage.
    The Dynaco ST-70 series II with plays much better on the Quad ESL 57 speakers then my recently sold Audio Note Soro SE tube amp.(more control)
    A Marantz CD-80.

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