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    Rebuilt Mark111 using Dynakit brand parts

    Brian F

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    Rebuilt Mark111 using Dynakit brand parts Empty Rebuilt Mark111 using Dynakit brand parts

    Post by Brian F on Sat Mar 14, 2009 3:12 pm

    I just put together new dynakit mark111 amps. I purchased all of the parts from Kevin at All of the parts are better than what was new in the 60's. Kevin's business makes the new stainless chassis and the fit and finish is first rate! The only parts i used from my original amps were the transformers, and cages. These amps work and look better than what was new back in the 60's, because of better resistors, caps, etc. If I could go back and retrace my steps I would find old cages and get everything else from Kevin. I call it one stop shopping! Also, Kevin has been very helpful with a couple of technical questions I had. After running these amps I now realize that my speakers might not be up for the task. I'm using klipsch heresy's and they are starting to complain at higher levels, which wasn't there before the rebuilds.

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